Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BOTH partners' responsibility

No analogy is perfect.  They all break down eventually.  But my analogy from my previous post (aikido/judo is like a game of catch) holds.
For instance, doing aikido with someone who wants to win or wants to force you to be uke is about like playing catch with someone that is always trying to hit you with the ball or who is always throwing the ball over your head so you have to run to get it every time.
It is BOTH partners' responsibility to keep uke from being the loser's role.  Uke has to keep in mind that he is not the loser but the receiver.  But the guy that ends up being the tori has to keep in mind that tori is not the winner's role either, because if there are only two people in the relationship and tori has decided to be the winner, uke has to be the loser.

photo courtesy of Beausaunders

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