Friday, May 31, 2013

Tokio Hirano - Nanatsu no kata

For the last couple of years, I've watched this bizarro thing so much (and gotten hints off of internet and Judo Forum) that I actually think it's starting to make sense!  Either that, or I've taken too many falls - but I'm starting to see meaning within the exercise!

It would be easy to write this crazy thing off as the flailings of a deranged mind, but bear in mind this was one of the most successful competition judoka in the history of history, and this was how he was trying to express his understanding of judo.
He seems to be illustrating seven types of wave action (as in ocean waves crashing into a beach).  In each form he does one big motion that sort of looks like a kind of ocean wave riding into a beach or crashing into a rock or swirling in eddies or erupting in spray... Then he immediately demonstrates that sort of wave action in a judo context.
Then he shows how to bust someone's technique when they try to put that type of wave on you - usually by standing against it and reflecting it, or by eroding completely out from under it and letting it pass.

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Patrick Parker
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