Friday, June 07, 2013

Invest in loss (on many levels)

I was casting about, trying to put some words together about Nick's fourth randori hint...
Invest in loss...repeat the pattern that is causing you a problem so many times that your subconscious is stimulated to respond and solve it for you should surprise you [...because, if you have the power to overcome your problems with the first solution you think up, they're not really problems.  You want to train your subconscious to come up with better solutions to more outrageous problems than your conscious mind ever could.]
...but I don't think that I could rephrase or expand on it any better without writing a book.  Following are a couple of talking heads from YouTube talking about this idea - you just have to mentally replace the word, "taichi" with "aikido" or "judo."  The first one is definitely the better discussion, but the second one, Josh Waitzkin, is such an interesting guy that I thought I'd throw that one in even though he didn't seem to have too much to say about the topic at hand.

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Patrick Parker
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