Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Holy Bar Napkin of Antioch

Rick "Moose" Pollard was one of the most profound of the judo coaches at Houston a few years back.  I only got to play with him a couple of times, but one of my buddies caught up with him a couple of years ago and picked his brain regarding what order he taught newaza to beginners.  Moose apparently jotted some notes down on a bar napkin and this napkin has become sort of a holy relic around that dojo ;-)
Following is my summary of the contents of the (in)famous Holy Bar Napkin of Antioch...
  1. shrimping with 2 hands in 1 place
  2. bridge&roll escape from kesa, mune, tate, and kami
  3. how to break and pass the guard
  4. basic pins/holds
  5. basic armbars
  6. basic chokes
  7. basic series/combos
He also had a couple of misc. pointers, like...
  • Keep your elbows close 
  • Take time to think about what you are doing
Despite all the joking about the Holy Bar Napkin of Antioch, that is a pretty good scope&sequence and good advice for all of us.

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