Friday, August 16, 2013

The dirty dozen

A thing I've been working on lately - a standard set of follow-ups to the releases...
  1. r1 - oshitaoshi
  2. r2 - maeotoshi
  3. r3 - wakigatame
  4. r4 - kotegaeshi
  5. r5 - tenkai kote hineri
  6. r6 - shihonage
  7. r7 - kaitennage
  8. r8 - iriminage
  9. yk1 - r2 - maeotoshi
  10. yk2 - shomenate
  11. ryotedori tenchinage
  12. ushirowaza jujigarame

These sort of represent the first techniques to pop into tori's mind after each release condition.

Sure, Tomiki has already given us the 17 as a condensed intro to randori, and sure, JW has suggested to us (flat out told us) that we should be able to get from any of the release conditions to any of the Junana terminal points... but...

  • I think this provides kind of a nice intro to that idea of chaining techniques off of releases
  • this provides an intro to the 17 as well as some techniques not seen in the 17
  • notice, that these are mostly the first techniques in the renzoku chains, so it serves as a nice intro to that renzoku practice.
I do think, however, there is some potential to turn this into a sort of a minimalist fundamentalist aikido, so if we'were to decide to start working this set of techniques regularly as a followup to releases, I'd suggest we continue running thru the releases on their own, with attention to them alone a time or two before we work this set each class.

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Patrick Parker
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