Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Walk - 11 - omawashi

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The penultimate movement exercise in The Walk is O Mawashi - the big  turn.  Our nickname for this is "the backward turn."  I actually don't have much to say about the backward turn today - I'll have a bit more to say about all the turns in a couple of days, but I suspect that my lack of discussion material for this movement means I need to spend more time working this thing over.

  • We usually think of this motion as most closely resembling the tsukuri (turn-in) for seoinage or koshinage, but this motion also shows up in various other places, like release #6 or the tanto shomenuchi ushiroate from Sankata.
  • Like the other 180 degree turns, If we start in shizentai, it takes 3 steps or weight shifts to turn 180 degrees.  You want to be a bit obsessive about counting these steps (on all the turns) - make sure that it doesn't take you 4-5 steps to do this 3-step motion, and also make sure you're not blurring two of the steps together so that it appears to take 2 steps.
  • To the degree that this represents the turn-in for koshinage or seoinage, you want to get your mind straight that you are not lifting and pulling with the left arm as your right side steps in, because lifting causes you to root to the ground and pulling with the left arm prevents your right side from entering smoothly.  Whatever it is that we are doing with that left arm, it is not lifting uke or pulling tori in.

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