Friday, August 30, 2013

The Walk - 12 - yoko omawashi

Last (and yes, least), here is a video of yours truly doing The Walk.  Sure, it's not a great video - none of my videos are great productions, but you can tell that I'm a really tough guy because you have to be tough to wear a shirt that says your name is SUE! 
Links to previous articles on The Walk - nanameashiwakiashi,  tenkanashi,  shomen tegatanasoto mawashiuchi mawashiuchi-soto gaeshi,uchi mawashi gaeshi, soto mawashi gaeshi, koshi kaeshi, and omawashi.

Last, but not least - Yoko o mawashi - the big side circle
  • If you're looking for practical techniques that look like this, sometimes kotegaeshi looks a bit like this, and this also greatly resembles a cool way to splatter someone that is shooting at your knees for a leg pick.
  • More than looking like particular techniques, I think that we use this motion as a contrast to the other movements - we usually do all the other motions small and conservative and this one shows some of what happens when you take a much larger than normal step.  It also suggests to us that we should every so often practice all the other stuff in larger-than-usual mode.
  • This is an experiment to see all the places that we can put our centered, unbendable arms by moving hips and feet instead of arms.
  • I also like to use it as an experiment to see where you can move shoulders and arms and hips without moving feet
  • Yoko omawashi also serves as a no-impact strength and flexibility exercise for the legs and hips.
That's the last of the move-by-move breakdowns, but hardly all that can be said about The Walk.  I figure to have a couple of summary posts, so stay tuned and I'll try to get this thread finished this weekend so we can go back to talking about how to trash bozos properly.

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