Friday, August 30, 2013

Tomiki's solo taiso for judo and aikido

For the past couple of weeks, some of my blogging buddies have been helping me beat to death our footwork and coordination exercises that Tomiki gave us.  Alternately named judo taiso, tandoku renshu, unsoku and tegatana dosa, or tegatana no kata, these exercises are widely used in the Tomiki lineage to teach the types of movement that are thought to be useful in aikido and judo practice.
There are many versions of these exercises, each with different numbers and orders or movements as well as different emphases.  In the version that we do in my club, there are twelve exercises, and I find them easiest to keep in my mind if I divide them into three groups...
3 Steps
  1.  nanameashi (diagonal step) - more info here. VIDEO
  2. wakiashi (side step) - more info here. VIDEO
  3. tenkanashi (turning step) - more info here. VIDEO
4 Pushes
  1. shomen tegatana (push forward). VIDEO
  2. soto mawashi (over the top). VIDEO
  3. uchi mawashi (up the middle). VIDEO
  4. uchi-soto gaeshi (reach around-push up). VIDEO
5 Turns
  1. uchi mawashi gaeshi (release #1). VIDEO
  2. soto mawashi gaeshi (helicopter pivot). VIDEO
  3. koshi kaeshi (hip switch). VIDEO
  4. omawashi (backward turn). VIDEO
  5. yoko omawashi (big side circle) - more info here. VIDEO

The English names above are our nicknames, rather than literal translations.  The videos are of the incomparable Nick Lowry explaining how he teaches and practices these exercises.
I have, in prior posts, given some general hints for walking kata, as well as this post which has become a classic reference... 100 Things to try in Tegatana

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