Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Prices and Services at Mokuren Dojo

People are always asking me what I charge for various classes and services here at Mokuren Dojo and I'm always having to re-write or re-explain, so I figured I needed a price sheet to post here at the blog. It's pretty straightforward...
  • Dues: $60 per month for an individual, $100/month for 2 members of your immediate family, or $120/month for everyone in your immediate family - this entitles you to participate in any or all regularly scheduled classes during the month.
  • Contracts: There are no contracts at Mokuren Dojo.  Everything is on a month-to-month basis.  You do, however have to sign an informed consent saying that you know what you're getting into.
  • Equipment: I don't sell uniforms or belts or equipment. Instead I recommend my students purchase from Amazon through my links and Amazon will throw me a little kickback on any purchases.  Occasionally when I have a bunch of folks wanting uniforms at the same time I will place a wholesale order and you can have them at cost+shipping.
  • Rank fees: I collect no rank fees.
  • Seminars: I can also do seminars at your location for $200 per day plus travel and expenses (price is flexible - work with me - I love to travel and teach.)
  • Private Lessons: $30/month for a recurring weekly 1-hour class - these are almost always on Saturday mornings.
  • Discounts & Deals:
    • I'd rather have you and your family than your money, so if these suggested prices are onerous, pay whatever you think you can handle. 
    • Everyone gets to try a class or two for free.
    • I do not charge black belts to work out with me at my regularly-scheduled weekly classes (they do pay for private classes and seminars though).
    • If you refer someone to my club and they sign up (i.e. they pay their first month's dues) then you get a free month.
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