Thursday, October 31, 2013

Be an enemy-whisperer

Halloween is probably the perfect time to talk about this idea, because everyone wants to be scary on Halloween.  In fact, a lot of martial artists want to be scary all the time.  Their tactics are designed to overwhelm the other guy with violence and cow them into compliance.  This sort of martial artist likes to be feared because fear is sort of synonymous with respect and nobody screws around with people that they respect.
Let me explain how fear and pain are not only non-productive, but martially counter-productive.
When you do things to hurt or frighten people, they will automatically resist you.  When you create an antagonistic relationship between you and the other guy, you can bet they will resist your efforts.  So, if your strategy relies on intimidation or pain-compliance you are making your job harder that it needs to be.
In fact, medical studies have shown that when someone is in a state of acute pain/distress, they are incapable of making an intelligent, informed decision - like complying with you or at least not resisting what you are doing to cause the distress.
Don't rely on pain-compliance.
Don't use fear to keep you safe.
Don't antagonize the other guy.
You can learn to be an enemy-whisperer instead of a terrible thing to be feared and avoided!

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