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Chris Mulligan tachidori

More tachidori - much the same, but in this presentation you can see a couple of things more distinctly than in some of the other videos.
  • This Aikidoka, for instance has a nice irimi with a gesture across uke's face indicating where he could insert an atemi, but also demonstrating that he is entering into the right space - sort of like a measuring stick.  A third possible benefit of this gesture is it helps to keep his hands out of the arc of the sword.
  • Also shown is a beautiful explanation of the spinning sokumen iriminage (sort of a gedanate from a release 5 entry).  In many of the other films, this move looks like it's just a bit of fancy nonsense, but at about 2:00 in this film it is demonstrated beautifully with a sword-wielding tori. 

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