Friday, October 11, 2013

Crawling man randori

This is one of my top three favorite forms of randori for the kids (the others are chicken tail randori and zombie attack).  I particularly like this because the bottom man's objective is to not wrestle with the top man - rather to escape and flee to safety.  This is a mode that judo folks don't get to practice much because we are usually so tied up in grappling and submitting the other guy that we automatically re-engage after an escape even when that might not be appropriate (i.e. in a self-defense scenario).
The rules are simple...
  1. Bottom man starts on hands and knees.  Top man starts standing behind bottom man, with both hands on bottom man's back.
  2. When referee calls "go" or "hajime" bottom man crawls across the mat to a finish mark while top man tries to grapple and slow or hold bottom man.  Bottom man is to avoid being drawn into a grappling match - rather escape and flee to the objective.
  3. Top man cannot pounce.  Neither player may choke or jointlock-  it is a purely positional game.
  4. If the action stops (top man holds bottom man) long enough to bore the ref, the ref may coach the bottom man or stand them up and start them over.
  5. When the pair reaches the objective at the end of the mat, they switch roles and come back.
  6. If one player or the other vastly out-ranks or out-sizes the other, the ref may throw handicaps to level the field (one hand holding belt, close eyes, no grips, etc...).
It is such a good form of newaza randori for the kids, I really ought to play it with the adults more too.

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