Saturday, October 05, 2013

Dan Penrod tachidori

Now this is a beast of a whole different color!  I really like this the best of any of the tachidori videos that I've posted this week.  This aikidoka has a lot to commend his performance...

  • Tori is much smaller stature than uke - he is giving up far more with respect to ma-ai than would a larger tori but he still overcomes that disadvantage with relaxed but decisive irimi.
  • Atemi, atemi, atemi!  Tori thumps uke in the solar plexus or side of the neck each time, further leveling the playing field.
  • His technical range is larger than the 8-10 tachidori that everyone does - and the standard ones that he does do, he does in interesting directions after following uke for a step or two.  This demo has a distinctly randori feel to it.
  • But what I really like the most is his relaxed demeanor.  No big deal, it's just a big guy swinging a sword.

Overall, this performance points at what tachidori could be - more than a nod to the past, more than just another set of 8-10 things to have to do for rank.  This is verging on randori with a sword (or stick).
Personally I think a format similar to this, with foam bats or kendo armor and shinai, would be a much more interesting mode to play Tomiki aikido shiai in than the rubber knife thing.

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