Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Sugano tachidori shihonage

So, what does tachidori teach us (besides how to take a sword from a swordsman (yeah, right)?  For one thing, it helps to show us what is the principle at the heart of various techniques.
This particular tachidori shihonage, for instance, yells at me, "Don't get stuck in the Junana/kihon form of the thing - that's not shihonage.  At least, it's not the only shihonage.  Kihon shihonage is dressed in some nice clothes to make it presentable to beginners." 
This shihonage is interesting to me because it is a more horizontal than vertical circle, and because it does not force uke down backwards (how uke falls doesn't define the technique), and because of the "Gimme that sword!" feel in tori in the end.

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