Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Uke-centric nagenokata for kids

A couple of years ago I started a series of articles about re-examining nagenokata  from the POV of uke.  I had found that this approach was especially effective for teaching children, but it also seems appropriate for adults.
I'd gotten as far as the first set (the three hand throws) but I got distracted so now I'm ready to return to that line of thought and that series of articles on uke-centric nagenokata.  The first articles included...
Kataguruma was a bear to get working from this uke-centric POV.

My current tack on training this uke-centric kata is going to be...

  • work it in smaller pieces - break each technique into 2-3 steps and practice each step
  • high repetition - rep each piece of each technique, then rep the whole technique
  • work it in reverse - from the critical moment of throwing (which is the most frightening so they balk right at that moment), backwards toward the initiation of the technique so that when they do the technique for real they are so familiar with the end point that it is not intimidating.
So take ukiotoshi for instance.  The training will look something like...
  1. standing in right shizentai with grips, kneel, position uke, uke does forward roll (repeat 10x)
  2. starting in right shizentai with grips, tsugiashi backwards 3x, kneel, position uke, uke rolls (repeat 10x)
  3. take grips, tsugiashi back, kneel, position, uke rolls (repeat the full technique 10x)

Uke's goal here is to demonstrate the ukemi associated with the techniques of nagenokata.  Tori's goal is to provide structure and support for uke's demonstration without disrupting uke's flow.
We're also going to work on having tori (the spotter) kneel so that uke can roll nicely out of kataguruma.
I think I have it worked out how to get the kids through the first 9 techniques (hand, hip, and foot techniques) using this uke-centric POV.  Stay tuned...

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