Friday, January 24, 2014

Uke-centric ukigoshi

So, one of our emphases this year is an examination of nagenokata with particular emphasis on the role of uke.  We have previously been working the first couple of techniques in this uke-centric fashion, but over the last week, we've gotten to kataguruma and uukigoshi.  Following are a handful of hints we've found for uke-centric ukigoshi...
  • In the first stage, tori (the spotter) is learning to lift and support uke on his hip, while uke is learning to plank-out head-down and examine the conditions at the edge of the world - just like in Junokata.
  • Also, early-on in the build-up to this technique, we had uke practice the step, overhead konk, and forward roll without tori.  This makes an interesting contrast to the earlier seoinage because in seoinage, there is  smooth flow from the overhead konk into the forward roll, but in this one, the overhead konk is stopped and the roll is on the opposite side.
  • I like practicing this one in contrast to the seoinage, because ukigoshi provides a backup when tori turns the 'wrong way' for the seoinage - that is, when tori gets freaked out and ducks inside the strike.
  • The kids hit this throw right off the bat - it was pretty remarkable how they all got the left-sided ukigoshi the first time and every time after we built it up this way!

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