Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Techniques in uke-centric nagenokata

Typically in nagenokata, we give the techniques names based on what tori is doing (floating hip throw, sliding foot sweep, etc...), and this is okay, but in our uke-centric exploration of this kata it is sort of counter-productive because it can lead back to that ego thing I mentioned in the previous post - that is, it can make everyone think that tori is the star of the show.
Try watching the above standard demo of NNK but try thinking of uke as the star of the show and tori as a supporting actor.  That can be quite a stretch for some folks.  The kata seems to be set up to suggest to the viewer that tori is the leading man and uke is a bit role.
So, lately we've been starting to nickname the techniques based on uke's perspective.  The techniques of nagenokata become...

Tewaza (hand techniques)
  • 3-step attack - forward roll (tori looks like ukiotoshi)
  • step&konk attack - forward airfall (tori looks like seoinage)
  • 3-step attack - wrong-sided roll (tori looks nominally like kataguruma)
Koshiwaza (hip techniques)
  • step&konk attack - other-sided airfall (tori looks like ukigoshi)
  • 3-step attack - skipping back forward airfall (tori looks like haraigoshi)
  • 3-step attack - the big airfall (tori looks like TKgoshi)
Ashiwaza (leg techniques)
  • 3-sidestep attack - slipping side-fall (tori looks like okuriashi)
  • 3-step attack - tripping forward airfall (tori looks like sasae TK ashi)
  • 3-circling attack - slipping forward airfall (tori looks like uchimata)
We haven't gotten beyond that point yet, so we haven't come up with nicknames for the sacrifice falls.  But it looks like the major variable in the next 2 sets from an uke-POV is tori is either not supporting uke during the fall, or uke is having to derive support from tori's falling mass in a different way.

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