Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shikaku and technique vs. principle

A lot of instructors (including me) like to say that our arts are "principle-based instead of technique-based."  That the ideas behind the techniques are more important than the techniques themselves.  But that can be hard to implement because we all have a deep abiding love for cool techniques.  We want to exert our personal power and "do" our techniques to people so it can be hard to give up the idea of doing techniques in favor of the general idea of "following principles."
So, how about a more specific objective?  How about something like, "moving behind the other guy always trumps doing a technique to him."
So, if you see something cool like kotegaeshi about to happen but you are standing in front of uke, forget about doing the technique and move behind uke.  Only execute the technique if you are already standing behind uke.

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Patrick Parker
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