Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Tachiwaza principles or heuristics

Proudly stolen from Nick Lowry - stuff to work on in standing judo - I love lists of hints like this...
  • Be offensively oriented
  • Every time a foot moves you have a chance
  • Get religious with the line conditions: on, down and ,across the line
  • Point your foot in the direction of the throw
  • Keep weight on the ball of the foot, knees slightly bent—cat like
  • Keep posture upright (don’t get sucked into jigotai) 
  • Grip with little fingers-loose upper fingers
  • Grip lapel at shoulder level
  • Grip sleeve with wrist down and elbow in 
  • Turning causes two pulls- elbow up and elbow in
  • Elbow in is locked to your ribs using the pecs and lats
  • Eyes at the heart/chest
  • Never block for defense, always counter with movement-- dance out
  • Work with graduated resistance
  • For sweeps and reaps: point the toe and flex from the knee-not upperleg
  • At the intermediate stage work all ashiwaza from progressively smaller steps
  • Hip throws are crack of the butt on the lead thigh (posture may distort to accomadate) 
  • Fulcrum of hip throw is the HIP
  • Shoulder throws , fulcrum is shoulder—posture stays straight
  • At the intermediate stage, work all big throws from all stepping conditions
  • Hands stay light –dont hang weight on the grip
  • Hands always support foot actions
  • Stay in step (mostly)
  • Work with continuous movement
  • Throw on the move – dont stop the center to throw
  • Work for kuzushi on the step
  • In beginning stage-- lots of nagekomi (no resistance --trading throws) 
  • Intermediate to advanced stage –renraku waza -- esp. footsweep to control drill including allashiwaza on both sides 
  • Advanced and for competitors: stugeiko and renzoku (consistant consecuative attack against conditions of resistance within prescribed rules)

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