Saturday, January 03, 2015

Booze before budo?

We were brought up through the ranks in college under the strict admonition from our sensei that noone in the club may drink alcohol before coming to class.  Makes sense - nobody wants some drunk bozo doing life-or-death precision martial arts techniques to them. Just like we don't drink and drive, we don't drink and judo.  I thought that everybody followed the same rules - I certainly have in my classes that I teach and attend.
But over the years I've met several more Cosmopolitan fellows that poo-poo those Puritanical American ideas - martial artists that are accustomed to drinking a beer or two with lunch or a few Mimosas with breakfast before heading to class.
Is anything wrong with this?
I'm not talking about slovenly falling-down winos, I'm talking about adults who know their limits and can reasonably expect to metabolize an ounce or two of alcohol in an hour or two before class?  Should they be allowed to participate in class after a beer or two or should they be expected to refrain before class - and if refrain, then for how long?  What do y'all think?

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Patrick Parker
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