Thursday, January 08, 2015

KDN #6-7 - ushiro katate-eri dori

Next in Koryu Dai Ni comes another pair of rear attacks.  As we progress through this set uke gets tighter and tighter control over uke's center - last time uke had both wrists, leaving uke a great deal of freedom.  This time uke gets a wrist and the back of uke's collar, giving him much better control of tori's center and preventing the previous techniques.  But uke exposes a different weakness - clutching a wrist convulsively to prevent it from moving makes it almost trivial for tori to turn his wrist out of the grasp, especially when offbalanced...

The second technique of this pair occurs when tori is not able to shake off the wrist grip.  Often when this happens, it is because of the other hand - the one that has the collar control, so we deal with that controlling hand by ducking under it and peeling it off into kotemawashi oshitaoshi.

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Patrick Parker
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