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Never want to use it!?

Who ever said it and made us believe the pervasive lie - that the ultimate goal of our training is to never use our training?  Maybe it was Mr. Miyage or David Carradine or some movie someone.
Well, that's just dumb!  Any training that is never used is useless.  Any training that never creates an effect (in the real world) is ineffective.
Who in their right mind would want to pour twenty or forty (or even two or three) years of their blood and sweat and tears down the drain, painfully and tediously developing skills that we want to never use!  Crikey!  That'd be like continually sharpening and polishing an unused sword to keep the rust off - until you wear the blade down to nothing without ever having slain a dragon!
I lied.  I do know where that sentiment comes from.  It comes from a misunderstanding or a partial understanding of what martial arts are about.  We think budo are about how to fight and kill and die - so we hope in a vague sort of way that we never have to engage in that aspect - but martial arts (all fine arts) are really about how to live.
I don't have the quote in front of me, but Bruce Lee wrote in Tao of Jeet Kune Do that it is the goal of all martial arts to become a master of living - basically to master the art of living (as opposed to fighting or surviving or existing).  Kano and Ueshiba both taught that the goal of our training was to make better people who could make a better society - to teach people to spend their lives saving the world!
I want to practice and teach martial arts that everyone puts instantly into use every day.

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Patrick Parker