Friday, January 23, 2015

Some of the lessons in Nanatsu

In some ways, Nanatsu no kata seems to be a better introduction to randori than does Nagenokata.  Watch the above video and observe, among other lessons,
  • It has a good technical range - several ashiwaza, koshiwaza, tewaza, and sutemiwaza spread out across the gokyo
  • It teaches tori to throw right-sided against both left and right postures by uke.
  • It teaches tori to throw uke out of jijotai as well as shizentai.
  • It teaches tori to throw tori out of light, moderate, and strong resistance conditions (watch uke's posture and arms going into each technique).
  • It teaches tori a counter (or a weakness to watch for) to each technique.
Nagenokata is also a good exercise and a good introduction to randori techniques, but I would not be offended if any of my shodan candidates chose to work up Nanatsu no kata for their shodan demonstration.

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Patrick Parker
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