Sunday, January 03, 2016

Performance Measures

In preparing for the start of a new class tomorrow, I ran across this set of performance measures that we have used in the past to judge the viability and righteousness of what we are doing in our classes.  These ideas date back to our college club.  I suspect Michael Denton and Dale Thompson had a hand in drafting these - maybe with the help of John Kirby.
What do you think of these as a self-assessment of our classes that we are participating in?
Performance Measures
How do we know if we are on the right track with our practice? Ask yourself the following questions periodically.
  • Is each individual student progressing?
  • Can you see a distinct difference between students of different ranks?
  • Are we all “going forward together?”
  • Is there a spirit of “mutual benefit?
  • Are we working toward “Maximum efficiency with Minimum Effort?”
  • Do we keep a wide variety of people in the club?
  • Are members staying for extended periods of training (years)?
  • Is everyone learning in a fun, comfortable, safe environment?
  • Are club members sustaining avoidable injuries?
  • Is it believable that a smaller, well-trained practitioner can be effective against a larger opponent?
  • Are black belt students given progressively more teaching responsibility?
  • Are black belt students given progressively more freedom to explore and adapt the art for themselves?
  • Do the black belts generally understand and agree on how we are teaching what we are teaching?

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Patrick Parker
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