Saturday, April 22, 2017

Aigamaeate by the numbers

Lately in class we have returned to an emphasis on kihon - that is (IMO) making sure that you get all the steps in and making them as distinct as possible.

Aigamaeate is the second of the kihon that we practice in aikido - and for novices it goes something like this (similar to the first variation  shown in the video above).
  • kuzushi - tori uses uke's arm to tilt him between his toes perpendicular to the line of uke's feet, as if tori were attempting oshitaoshi or ikkyo.  This is the beginning of the kuzushi action.
  • tsukuri - As uke recovers backward from the initial offbalance, tori steps into a position outside uke's feet close enough that he can lift uke's chin.   This is the completion of the kuzushi action started earlier, and it is the tsukuri action. 
  • kake - Tori strides by uke, pushing his face for the kake phase.
Note this has a forward/down then back/up feel similar to shomenate.  The lifting of uke's chin coincides with the peak of the back/up motion.  In fact, this is largely identical to shomenate except tori strides through the outside of uke's feet instead of directly between them.
Also note that shomenate and aigamaeate (the first two techniques) effectively demonstrate the two primary directions you can get an offbalance on an advancing uke - that is, parallel to his feet and perpendicular to his feet.

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Patrick Parker
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