Tuesday, August 20, 2019

10 judoka with superpowers I want to develop in myself

We all have our tokuiwaza, our special techniques or abilities or attributes.  Here are 10 martial artists whose special sparks I want to develop within myself.
  1. Nick Lowry's okuriashibarai and ability to gather a community around the dojo
  2. Kyuzo Mifune's outstanding effortless floating counters
  3. Bob Rea's empty jacket feel
  4. Karl Geis' amazing tewaza
  5. Zdenek Matl's gentle but relentless control throughout techniques
  6. Chad Morrison's vigorous, active teaching style
  7. Pat Little's positive, encouraging, empowering teaching style
  8. Dr. John Kirby's amazing ability to translate theory in the dojo to functional ability in shiai.
  9. J.W. Bode's ability to apply fundamentals to self-defense situations
  10. Eric Pearson's off-the-hook creativity and synthesis
  11. (I know I can't count) Tokio Hirano's ability to create a rhythm in uke then insert techniques into that rhythm.
  12. (11 and 12 are lagniappe) Henry Copeland's ability to use kuzushi to make a fast opponent slow down to manageable speed indefinitely.
When I manage to steal all these masters' superpowers, no one will ever be able to stop me! Mwahaha!

Seriously though, I know that in order to do the things they can do, I have to do the things they have done.  Sounds like a few decades worth of material to keep me occupied.

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Patrick Parker
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