Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Joys and frustrations of teaching your own

Check out this tiny 5yo Quin Parker putting a nice kosotogari on his older brother!
There are joys and frustrations associated with teaching your own children.
Eventually kids all get to the age that they'd rather chew their own arms off than have to do anything that dad thinks would be fun or good for them.  There is the endless litany of excuses about other stuff they would rather be doing, the endless eye-rolling that you're afraid is going to sprain an eyeball muscle, the loud sighs whenever you try to suggest there might be a better way to try a technique.
But then years later there is the son that joins the Marines and when he goes off to boot camp at Parris Island he says, "Hey Dad, guess what I think prepared me for the Marines more than anything else in my life?"
"All those times you made me practice judo with you."

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Patrick Parker
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