Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Top 13 lame excuses

I've been on a martial arts sabbatical for the past couple of years.
Before relaunching my classes a couple of months ago I hadn't done anything remotely martial in two years.  I had a host of reasons - really lame rationalizations or B.S. excuses, including...
  1. I am mostly doing it for my kids but they would rather do other things.
  2. I can't afford it.
  3. Judo and aikido make my joints hurt.
  4. As I'm getting older I am getting fatter and more sluggish.
  5. I am trying to deal with depression.
  6. I'm not making any progress.
  7. One of my teachers died and another one retired.
  8. I am super-busy with community service.
  9. My job is keeping me distracted.
  10. I can't find many students or partners to play with me.
  11. I have gotten into other activities, like hiking and mountain climbing.
  12. I figure to retire and leave this area in a few years anyway.
  13. I'm not really any good at judo anyway so what business do I have teaching?
So, when you give me some B.S. about quitting your practice and I smile thinly or raise an eyebrow, it's not just that I've heard that same stale excuse before - It's probably one of the same lame excuses that I've tried to use on myself a few times.
It didn't work when I tried to convince myself to quit that way, and I am a lot more convincing than you are, so give it a rest and just go practice.

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Patrick Parker
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