Tuesday, September 03, 2019

10 pro-tips for deashibarai

  1. Deashibarai is a going-down throw.  It happens when uke is trying to put his foot down on the ground - not when uke is trying to pick his foot up. 
  2. Do not try to kick uke's foot to the moon.
  3. Try to get the feel of grabbing a sock with your toes - that is, grasping as if your foot were a hand.
  4. Grasp uke's foot below and behind the ankle near where his heel touches the ground.
  5. Grasp uke's foot with the bottom of your foot - not the side
  6. Point your sweeping foot and turn your sweeping hip outward
  7. Pull with your hamstrings (bend the knee) instead of sweeping from the hip with a straight leg.
  8. Pull uke's foot directly toward your own standing foot
  9. Pull directly along the plane of the mat as if scraping gum off the bottom of your toes.
  10. You can use deashibarai as a connector to create a combo out of almost any two techniques.

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Patrick Parker
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