Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ten kata of judo

The first and foremost school of Judo in Japan, Kodokan, sprang from two ancient schools of jujutsu - Kito Ryu and Tenjin Shinyo Ryu.  These ancient forms were largely kata arts because it was thought to be too dangerous to utilize the techniques of the art in free-practice, randori, or sparring.
The kata of Kito and Tenjin Shinyo filtered down into their offspring, Kodokan Judo, and supplemented by a handful of new kata, became the official seven forms of Judo.
But over the years other masters have put together various kata that have had some marginal use in the Judo world.
Here are perhaps the most popular ten of the many kata of Judo.

  1. Nagenokata (The Forms of Throwing)
  2. Katamenokata (The Forms of Holding)
  3. Kimenokata (The forms of Decision)
  4. Kodokan Goshin Jutsu (Self-Defense Practices) by a committee led by Kenji Tomiki
  5. Junokata (Forms of Gentleness)
  6. Koshikinokata (Ancient Forms) derived from Kitoryu
  7. Itsutsunokata (Five forms) derived from Tenjin Shinyo Ryu
  8. Nagewaza Ura no Kata A.K.A. Gonosen no Kata (Forms of Counter-throwing) by Kyuzo Mifune
  9. Gonokata (Forms of Hardness) an abandoned essay by Jigoro Kano
  10. Nanatsu no Kata (Seven Forms - A.K.A. Form of Waves) by Tokio Hirano 

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